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2002-03-26 20:07:24 (UTC)


wow.. i have the best boyfriend ever. hes sweet hot, cute,
perfect smile, makes me laugh. i just dnot know how he feels
about me. sometimes it feels like he is totally in love w/
me but other times i just feel like he doest really think
about me at all. i dont know. i hope he does. i want him to
tell me he loves me cuz i think im falilng in love with him.
i have never felt this strongly about anyone. when im not
with him and when im not talking to him i think about him. i
go to bed smiling thinking about him adn iwake up thinking
about him. he is just always on my mind and the feel of him
around me is just bliss. whenever im wiht him i feel safe
and just that nothing can come between us.. i hope this

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