Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-26 19:55:50 (UTC)

Ship's Biscuits, Ship's Biscuits.

Lor lumme love-a-duck guv'nor! I've had a bit of a new
dawning today on my opinion on people (especially those
irritating youths). It seems that it is not the done thing
to eat vegetables. Now, when I was a kid, you would protest
and eventually give in, so you would get some (at least)
Vitamin-y goodness when you needed it the least and take at
least a step onto the ladder of vegetable appreciation.

Now a little story.

"I was unpacking the shopping on Saturday morning, as you
do, and noticed that instead of trying to have away a piece
of chocolate, or a sweet of some kind, or even a biscuit, I
was disguising the fact that I was trying to have away with
some cauliflower." I like vegetables, I make no bones about

But, if they're not eating vegetables, they're not getting
enough vitamins, enough minerals. Could it be this that
leads to the defects we have abounding nowadays. (Nut
allergies, lactose intolerancy, wheat whatever....) I don't
know, I'm just suggesting. So there. And if I've already
done an entry today about this I'm sorry, I thought I'd
dreamt doing it. I might have ACTUALLY done it.

Oh, and if anyone is as faithful to Watchdog as I am,
they'll have noticed a very odd new presenter tonight. As
well a the lovely Kate (and she is, but no-one ever
notices. They will even less now) they had hired a bint.
She was very nearly a human blow-up doll. Hope she's not a
regular, it'd ruin my enjoyment of the show. I don't want
no inflated individual on my consumer shows.

WILT? Radiohead - Just.