Chibi Kiara

Inside my head
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2002-03-26 19:42:51 (UTC)

"A new day has come"

I want to start anew I got a sun shining down on me
Hello I am Shannon Danielle Brust. I am 19. I am in love
with a furson who I know as Jashire. He lives in Teaxes and
I live in Ohio. He is christan I am wiccan. But in our eyes
we are the same a jaguress and a cougar. I would trade my
love for him in for nothing. He been there for me when
times where down so I guess the song souldn't be "A new day
has come" God I know to many songs! The song I'm thinking
of is also by Celine Deion. "I think I frated again" See
what I mean Don't get me wrong I like Ms. Spears
but I like comdy songs too! Oh Well g2g Byeness

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