2002-03-26 19:26:31 (UTC)

Questions of love

Why can't everything be simple?
Be black and white...no gray?

I have someone I really, REALLY like but there are so many
sercomstances...I just don't know.

Do I like her?
Hell yea!!

Do I wana be with her?
Of cource...it would be a dream come true.

Is there obsticals in the way?
Too many....

/sigh/ it seems everything from race to religion seperates
us, but yet and still if I could make it would I so would
in a heart beat. I don't think she realizes what she dose
meen to me. Don't think she knows that I really do think
about her alot. And...I wonder..if..she really likes me
too. I mean, enough to maybe if we had the chance...be my

I so do like, even love her a little. She's become a great

But again...family, distance...thigs like that keep us
appart, its not fair. I would love the chance just to meet

Why can't things just be easy...why can't she live by me,
or me by her. So I could see her, be there for her. Maybe
one day soon...I hope...cause...well cause I really like
her. I hope she understands it...