Comfortably Numb

It's Just Me...
2002-03-26 19:25:50 (UTC)

March 26, 2002

WTF, I have so much shit to do this week. Even today, I
have to baby-sit my cousin. Oh the look on my Aunt's face
if she knew what her eldest neice's day really consisted
of...The only plus of this is that I'll be able to get some
money, hopefully. After I finish watching Matt, I have to
go to my other Grandmother's house for dinner and hope that
she gives me money for my trip too. Oh, if I didn't mention
it before, I'm taking a trip to Nags Head, North Carolina
for Spring Break with my family. Needless to say I haven't
even started to pack yet. Tomorrow I have to pack my shit
to go to my Father's, get on a bus to Waretown by 2:39,
then get to this guy's house, pick up my shit, then get
across town to this other girl's surprise birthday party
for a little while. On Thursday, I'm not gonna even bother
going to school, I'm just gonna pack for NC, then go to
********'s house w/ this other guy to get drunk. Well
anyway, my Grandmother's gonna be here in a couple mins to
pick me up and I still have to do my line, so maybe I'll
find time to write later...I'll leave you with this--They
know your name, address, telephone number, credit card
numbers, who ELSE is driving the car "for insurance", ...
your driver's license number. In the state of
Massachusetts, this is the same number as that
used for Social Security, unless you object to such use. In
THAT case, you are ASSIGNED a number and you reside
forever more on the list of "weird people who don't give
out their Social Security Number in Massachusetts."
--Arthur Miller

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