daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-03-26 19:09:33 (UTC)

Fling off the Suspense

So L came up to me Sunday while I was zoning ladies'
with this huge smile on her face. She started her period
which means that she's A.) Not Pregnant and B.) Can Drink
Again. I smiled and gave her a hug but I had known all
along that she wasn't knocked up. The date of her last
period (which she told me) and the day that she had sex
with the guy she'd been "dating" didn't match up with when
she should've been ovulating. I told her all along that
she didn't have anything to worry about in that
department. But she skipped her clinic appointment, so she
doesn't know if she's contracted any vd's or not. I just
ask her point-blank if it burns when she pees. Her
answer? "No." So that quite possibly rules out a few,
especially considering how long it's been since she slept
with the asshole.

I keep telling her she needs to take an extended Penis
Sabbatical-that will stop her worrying about pregnancy and
disease and all emotional fuckwittage that comes along with
it. But the longest she's stayed celibate is about two
weeks. She's completely beyond my comprehension. And
delving into her psyche is getting to be tedious.

L2 is in fact going to the other store, which means
that I will be full time and the backup department
manager. More responsibility, but no matter what I will
always have weekend dayshifts! I'll be sad to see L2 go,
but it's really the best decision for her. I don't know
how I feel about staying at Wal-Mart like that, however.
I definitely don't want to make a lifelong career out of
that hellhole.

I'm not going to Paris, either. The whole thing was probably a
stupid lie. I feel idiotic that I wrote about that in the first
place. I'm the High Priestess of the Dumbasses.