Oh,The Insanity
2002-03-26 18:58:13 (UTC)

How ironic

Today was really good. Like, so much better than usual. It
was supposed to be a half day (at school) but we got out at
the end of 7th period instead of 9th...some half day. and
usually that would piss me off, but not today. Adam and I
didn't fight...actually, it was just like "old times."
Hmmm. I got to hang out with Morgan, but that bothered me
more than made me happy...he spent the entire time flirting
with Alicia(my most despised enemy) and talking about Patti
(she's up with Alicia). Funny how things work out...the
two guys I like both want my enemies...thank you Fate. It
was a good day none-the-less and I'm not going to cry
today...I hope. Adam is supposed to come over when he gets
done hanging out with Jenn...
"I belive in fate...sometimes, it works in really fucked up
ways though"