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2002-03-26 18:21:59 (UTC)

so my computer has been being..

so my computer has been being pretty stupid recently. and i
can never get online...irratating.
but right now its being good. so =) yay.
i had a really good night last night.
my day was not so great. but the night turned out. good.
very good. and i feel as if it was very productive.
i said a lot of things last night i never thought id hear
myself say outloud. and it was good. and healthy.
im hungry.
i got an a on my last english paper that i just got back
today. and i couldnt be happier about it. im really glad
that i got a good grade because i worked my ass off on
it...and he noticed. and that makes it all worth it.
im pretty sure that i have an a in all of my classes right
im dong the best in my sex class though. by far.
im still stressed about my huge fucking paper. thats
due...in a week. exactly. but..hopefully it will all be
okay. ill just be glad to have it over with.
im late for work.