meaning of life,love ,and death
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2001-05-18 01:54:14 (UTC)

mind or heart?

mind or heart? what hell kind of a question is that. it is
the question of life weather it is the meaning of life or
what have you. there is no right answer i don't care what
anyone says there is no right answer. atleast in my mind
there is no answer.i had to choose between my heart or my
mind and i pick my mind that was the biggest mistake i
made. me and steph have love for each other and the feeling
of being that we are soulmates. but me and tonya are the
same people we like the same music and movies and stuff.
steph told me to move on be with tonya i moved on and lost
them both that is the story of my life that is the way it
is always i am left alone to fight the world in the cold
and darkness of heaven and hell.i know that life has it
reasons for everything and everyone maybe some day i will
know what my reasons are. hopefully i never do i don't
thing i could handle it