Catie*s Diary
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2002-03-26 17:44:05 (UTC)

In Journalism 3-26-02

I'm in journalism right now. I'm soo bored! and i have a
headache. Last night i talked to JR until 11 when Jen
finally came and picked me up. I got water on her pager
and it's like broken now. I feel really bad! Plus that's more
to take out of moving. I think i'm gonna call my dad
during lunch and tell him just to forget moving. No use,
it's too much money. Laura told me that Rodney said he
would help us move with his truck, if my dad would
actually agree with that, that would save extra money.
Plus if we move in we get 500 dollars cash back. But
there's 200 dollars deposit and 300 for Kinney. I dont
know. Jen doesnt have to work today. I'm glad. So i dont
have to go home. I guess me and JR have our 6th date
tonight, Over the phone though. He may come and see
me on memorial day! I hope he does : ). We were
talking about about going to the beach and then go to
moody gardens and stuff. Then we would go visit
Casey in Houston (Beth too if she wants, it may be
weird) and we will go to the zoo too. This cheerleader
chick here just got caught cause she copied this story
from a website. It's funny. While Laura and I were on
our way to french and spanish we saw this kid Ty get
arrested. It was probably for drugs cause he sells weed
and x. It was cool, like we were watching cops live! My
french teacher wasnt here today cause she was over
with the 7th graders so Ray and Joe "watched" us
today. It was fun. Cept Roland tried to talk to me today
and i didnt wanna talk to him. He always stares at me.
Like me and Tera have this thing where she tells me
when he looks and that's alot. This little 7th grader
who's on the web cam class thing likes Roland and
they kept saying "Kelly loves Roland" it was
funny.Nichole didn't come to school today. Everyone
went over to her house. So Me, Jen and Laura are the
only cool ones left in school. Wont this class ever
pass? I dont think it will. I could of skipped 3rd and 4th
cause Jen wanted me to but i didnt. I'm proud of
myself....kinda. Tonight i will be, when my dad doesnt
get the call. Ok i'm gonna go. Bye

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