Nick's Journal
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2002-03-26 17:24:26 (UTC)

Dumbass Secretary

Now if you're a student at Virginia Tech you're quite
aware that many of the department's secretaries are stupid
bitches that really don't want to be there.
Today I went to see my advisor to plan my courses. I went
into the head office and got the schedule for the courses
in Business Law. I went up to my advisor who, regrettably
(and to no surprise of mine), couldn't help me. But
atleast he was decent enough to introduce me to Janine
Hill who headed the Business Law major at Tech. She
however was busy and told me to make an appointment and if
I wanted any information to go back to the head office and
one of the secretaries would gladly provide me with the
info I sought.
That's when it began.
So I'm back in the office and there the two of them are.
Now the first thing I thought of when I saw these two
imbeciles was the heads of Goldfish. They had those
vacant eyes and they're mouths open as if they were
gasping for air in the midst of their spray of
conversation. It took quite a long time for the two of
them to break up their conversation, and finally the one
standing up addressed me as if I were intruding.
"yesssssssss?".......notice, no "hi how are you?, how can
i help you?". i don't need people to be sugar sweet but i
don't want to feel like a burden.
"yes i just need the details for the courses in the
business law department."
"what?" was the quizzical response....."that's not a major"
at this point i was like.............i look down at my
major planner that plainly states "Business Law" on it.
"ummm, i tihnk you do."
"no, we definetly don't."
"well you have this schedule here......" she looks at it
(during hte whole convo she didn't come near me, just
stayed way behind the desk as if she really didn't care.
"that may well be, but that's not a major."
"buttt" so now exasperation set in.
"do you have any pre-law prerequisites?"
"so what do the courses "legal environment of business
courses" fall under."
"i don't know."
"look i just need the information for Business Law, I know
you have the course because Ms. Janine Hill is the head of
then she got all in a tizzy, "I'VE NEVER heard of her."
"wellll, she's on floor 2."
"i don't think she's head of the business law department
then." now i was in utter disbelief....was she implying
that she didn't exist?
"but my advisor introduced me to her and she told me to
come to you so that you could give me information."
"for what?"
" law?"
ok, that was law? it's the SAME
fucking thing.
"well here." and this was what topped it off.....SHE GAVE
I couldn't say anything i was speechless.
not only had she not given me anything, but she had given
me what i tried to show her.
"this is the same thing i already have."
"i's the law department of business."
now someone tell me that you wouldn't be stupified by now.
i just left. that was the most incredibly idiotic
experience of my life. i hate these people

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