The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-03-26 16:11:06 (UTC)

We have a 3/4 of a day today!...

well i havent written in this diary thing in a lloonnggg
time! so i thought HEY why not here i be...Libby
i am looking forward to today after school!...VANILLA
PUDDING!! PUDDING!!PUDDING!!! oh and just to inform you all
Libby's Dad DOES look like Bill Gates! oh well and Libby
no matter how much you disagree Ashley and I out number
you! sooo ummm i dont know I dont like
school!!!..SChool=SUCK!!! umbidum! okie dokie well i am
going to go because i am hungry and umm i have to get back
to working on this stupid project in BABCA!! so buh bye
~Love ya