Sleeping with the lights on
2002-03-26 15:15:01 (UTC)

No one really gives a fuck about us anyways

Today is going to be a long and dreary day. I can feel it
already. It feels like this fucker is never going to end. I
shouldn't have blown a pill before school because it fucking
sucked, and I didn't think it would. I thought it would be
cool to go to school fucked up but it's not. Fuck that. I
really miss Jeffo and I really hope that I can see him today
but it's okay if I cannot. He's really busy with his band
and I totally respect that. :) Anna and I are no longer
speaking at all, and that's fine with me. She thinks that
I'm all obsessed with drugs. I'm fucking not, and she better
not go running her mouth. She must have told Alyssa that I
was some kind of huge drug addict and I don't even fucking
do drugs, just pot ;) and I'm not even that fucking bad.
Damn. Damn chickenheads are the reason that girls don't get
along with each other. I am perfectly fine having only guys
as friends and girls as mere acquaintance's. I don't know,
no one really gives a fuck about us anyways..haha..just a
great tune jammin inside my braiiiin. School sucks.