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2001-05-18 01:11:02 (UTC)


OK yesterday night i was so scared mami cought me on my
cell real late.. but she gave it back to me today BIG
MISTAKE! lol im gonna talk today with him i thougth i
wasent. but i had a real good day. i loved the time i spent
with him awww i love him so much. or atleast i think i am.
ok let me tell you about my day. i went to school it went
ok knowing the fact that im not going tommorrow it went by
ok.. oh and i feel bad for who goes cuz its skip day and
all jr's will be out cuz of the prom, well im walking off
the bus when me and my "baby" are just talking when my
aunt who is basically my 17 year old sister lol the older
sister i never had.. so then we go to the mall i buy the
cutest dress halter..babyblue with flowers on it the
charlies angels sunglasses and the cutest babyblue
flipflops and i got my pedicure. tomorrow im getting my
nails done. then i come home i recieve the news that im a
finalist for miss jr teen usa and i got a call back on july
20-22 over night!! hehe and then iam gonna get to stay home
and get ready for the wedding tomorrow. things just
couldent be better. well i cant write anymore buhbye!

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