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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-03-26 13:58:42 (UTC)


I have this English presentation in two days and I haven't
got any idea on how to present it in a simple,
yet interesting way. My topic is 'The Role of Media Today'.
We had to use the group assignment's topic as our topic
for the individual presentation. So, I'm like sharing the
points with my friend. Well, I am desperate for ideas. I'd
probably just stand in front of the class, reciting what I
had memorized the night before and look like an idiot. Wee
is probably going to critisize me or say something nasty or
something. I know this is pathetic, hoping someone would
read this and give me ideas for my presentation but I
couldn't care less. I lead a pathetic life and pathetic I
am. There, I said it. Are YOU happy? Now, give me
suggestions! Please?