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2002-03-26 13:39:50 (UTC)


Well..........lets see. I have to work today 11-9. I
probably won't end up staying the whole time, but
still.....it's going to be really boring. Last nite, we
were soooo slow. But it was cool though. I hate having busy
nites. Me and Dee really didn't say anything to each other.
I asked her if she had asked her mom about going anywhere
this week and she said no. I'm like this about the
situation, I will not kiss her behind trying to see what's
wrong with her or beg her to go with me. If she wants to
sit around here and do nothing, then that's her. I know I
have to get up and do something. I still want to make that
trip to Clemson, and I have no problem going by myself. The
only thing I see wrong with it is what I will do when
Shonta is in class. That's the only thing. I guess I'll
wait to see. I also feel like this about the whole thing,
I'm sick of Dee only wanting to act right when it's time to
do something. I say about tomorrow or the day of...she will
start talking then. Forget it....that's the way I see it.
I'm going to Atlanta Friday....and no, she will not be
going as far as I can see. **You can't pick and choose when
you want to act like an adult.....just grow up!** Oh yeah,
I'm already making plans for next weekend. T.I. is suppose
to be at Club Money next Saturday, so I think I will hit
that up. I know plenty of people who are down for it.
Anyway, I need to check on my dress. I just want to get the
whole thing outta the way. I want Keyon to go ahead and get
his stuff ready. I gotta start looking at where we are
going to stay that nite. This is the plan so far.....we are
going up to Atlanta that nite and going clubbing(more than
likely it will be the BOUNCE) then that morning.....like
everyone in the state of GA, we are going to Six Flags. I'm
more excited about that than anything else. Like, I'm more
hype about finding the outfit I will wear that nite to the
club than the prom dress. That's sad. Hopefully all things
will work out. I don't know who we'll be hanging with. I
don't really plan to stay in the room with LV. At first, I
was just going to stay in the room with Jacan and Dee. And
whoever their dates were they could stay in the room with
LV. That sounds a little gay right now. But I see it like
this, where ever my head happens to lay, is where I'm going
to sleep. We probably won't get back in the room until
about 5 something. I can go all nite. As long as something
is going on, I'm on it! I think I might end up missing
school that Monday. I'll probably need to catch up on my
sleep. I don't know. A lot of things might change before
that time comes. Well, I guess I better bail out. ~I really
don't have much to hit this thang up with anymore, so if
the entries become a little far-in-between, then you know
life is just kinda mellow.~ HOlla *J*

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