Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-03-26 12:58:00 (UTC)


music: once again, my sisters rendition of the Shrek Theme.

Well, lets talk a little about the weekend. It was
extremley relaxing and much needed. Sunday was great, got
to go see Amos and others at church. it was nice, i hadn't
seen her in a few weeks. Getting things ready for Good
Friday, (they picked ME to teach a class, this begs the
question, WHAT WERE THEY ON??) anyways, Im and i are in
charge of some of the little kids. how am i supposed to
keep control of them for an hour? I guess i'll just do my
best. I am heading out to the hamilton/w'loo area for the
proceeding weekend so it should prove to be enjoyable. Even
if it's not, (i know it will be) looking forward to it is
half the fun! Hehehe. Well, congratulations Debrah. I am
happy for ya, i really am. You should listen to the advie
of the almighty me more often. You'd be happier =) ALL OF
YOU! wow, in a very strange mood today. Gonna be an
interesting day, lets just say that. I'll update later.
have a good one everybody! Luv ya all!

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