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2002-03-26 08:21:21 (UTC)


u know.. life can be so weird and borin sometimes, ya know.
It can be sooooooooooo boring for one day, and it can be
sooooooooo fun the other day, then it could be a super sad
day, then it could be just one day full of "weird"
feelings. I have this friend, i thought he cared about me,
and he would be my best friend forever, he's awesome, but
it just seems like he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore.
Whut da hells wrong with me? I don't even have a "close"
friend. I mean, yeah, i have alota friends, but it just
seems like they don't care. I give all my time just to
listen, and be there for them. When i'm sad, or just really
needed a hug or someone's shoulder to cry on, no one's
there. It sounds selfish, but seriously, i really need that
someone. Well, at least i still have my pillow to cry on,
it'll never leave, it will always be there, and it's quite
huggable too*grin*...

muzic: "Are You Sad?" -- Our Lady Peace