Hippos r cool
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2001-05-17 23:29:12 (UTC)


Okay....me and this guy were kind of dating 4 abt 3 months.
I liked him alot and he liked me too. We weren't actually
dating but we talked on the phone every night and we saw
each other at school everyday(except on weekends of
course).Then I started noticing him flirting with my best
friend. I got really mad and he knew I was mad but he
didn't seem to care. Well that just pissed me off even
more.Then one night he didn't call me. Not the next night
either. Or the next. He just stopped calling me. But he
still hung out with my group at school. I think it was to
get closer to my best friend. Or maybe he was just so used
to it. The thing is....I still like him but he doesn't care
abt me. I just wish things could go back to the way they
were. I know they never will. He's goin to highschool next
year.Oh well


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