The World,As Seen By Ginger
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2001-05-17 23:13:56 (UTC)

may 17,2001

huh,ok.i'm kind of in a pissed off mood today,gee what a
suprise..i've been meaning to start this diary thing mainly
because when i get mad i don't like to talk about it and i
don't feel like writing,i'd rather type..except for poetry.
but here it goes.the day isn't even over yet and it has
sucked purty badly.one more fight with my mom and my head
will freaking explode.and school wasn't that great either
today was the seniors last full day which means that the
last day of my junior year is nearing..i'm excited about
this because i am in need of a break from school..i place
that a love and hate at the same time but recently the hate
has been growing and i would like to get away from it.this
summer what am i going to do with myself.i don't quite know