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2001-05-17 22:53:24 (UTC)

Nuttin Much...

I dont know what to write...oh i know now i think the fight
is over good thing they dont shout and cuss at each other
anymore. A lot of people know about it. It was this girl
who told her friends..oh well, i dont care because im not
in it anyway. In my keyboarding class, my friends were
talking beside my computer and seth was there and then when
my friends left, sarah was the only one left because her
class was just right behind mine. Anyway, i was calling
her name in a whisper and so since it starts with an S,
seth looked at me with his evil eyes because he probably
think i was calling him. That was mean though. I dont get
it, why does he have to look at me like that? Thats why
I'm thinking if I will still like him or not. Possibly
not. But my friend Jenny is gonna try and make him talk to
me at least. i hope he does but i dont think so. My
science class we had a final test then in math it was a
little bit fun. Sarah and vunita went to the office then i
went over to see what the bad side was doing and then i saw
that they were playing cards so i joined them because they
wanted me to. Then sarah and vunita arrived and they just
ignored me. That was a good thing though. Then i won at
the game (BS) so i went back to them to play with them this
time. And then their game was over and then i asked them
if i could pass the cards out because they've been playing
long anyway but vunita said that i was playing too with the
bad side. I was like SO??!!! I was kinda mad of how she
acted. Anyway this is probably enough so gotta bounce.

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