2002-03-26 06:05:33 (UTC)

can i bitch a little over here?..

can i bitch a little over here? of course i can. because i
can write anything i want over here becos this is my diary

My sister called last nite to complain and scold me about
something which i tot was fun. i subscribed to this free
sms service from the gorillaz. so now and then, i'd get
messages from "noodle" about this and that. its a publicity
stunt, and i think it is really good. so one day, i was
asked if i would like to send in 5 numbers so they can sms
them and tell them how great gorillaz is and i included my
sis' number. apparently, she found it totally annoying and
treated it like junk e-mail. stuff she didn't need, but it
just keeps coming to clog up her inbox. i had no idea she
felt that strongly about the whole matter, so i just told
her to ignore the messages if she didn't like it.

and yesterday, she called me up to scold me!! imagine the
nerve! and she's no older than me. shes actually 6 years
younger than me and she called me up to give me a piece of
her mind! she was saying stuff like how it was the same as
unsolicited e-mails and although it didn't cost her any
money when she receives the sms, the company could sell her
info to other companies for cash (which i tot was a
complete load cos Gorillaz wouldnt do that would they? no
they wouldn't, its actually the record label). And then she
said she was pissed about the whole thing and then she
kinda lost it. she started to raise her voice and progress
into that chewing out mode. and she didn't give me a chance
to explain, that that... bitch. yeah, that was wat i
thought when she hung up on me after spouting all that
nonsense. I mean, you dun call someone to give them a piece
of your mind regarding something and then hang up on them!
And i was trying to explain to her that it was for fun but
she cut me off by spouting her nonsense again. i was
totally pissed off when she hung up the phone on me.

then knowing that she wouldn't answer my phonecalls, i sent
her an icq msg instead. here, i still have it in my history.

to unsubscribe from the gorillaz sms, just key
and send it back to the number and you will be
unsubscribed. it is as simple as that. Next time speak
properly before you bitch about the thing. I am not like
your punching bag bf whom you can scold over the phone and
then hang up on. Next time I won't be so nice about it.
I'm sorry you got upset over privacy issues, but I promise
you I won't do it again. I should have remembered you did
not like english songs, but the decision to give them your
number over sms was purely with one thought in mind, "fun".
It would have been easy to bitch back at you regarding your
curt phone call, but I shan't because I dun want to hurt
another person's feelings the way you did.

i so wanted to bitch back at her, but i went through my
mesage again before i sent it out and did quite a lot of
editing such that there was no blatant hate stuff in it.

that bitch. she's gonna get it when i get back.