2001-05-17 22:39:40 (UTC)

open for business

i finally started something i kept talking about for 6
months. now who knows when it will be complete. so my site
is 70% up there. the noise and linx pages will probably get
done on sunday or whenever i get some time. haven't decided
what will go up under noise maybe just a list of what im
listening too at the moment or comments about my favorite
bands. the linx site will just be you know well links...duh.

so today was fun at work, for once i actually enjoyed my
job, got to deal with this credit card fraud case and it
actually excited my brain. usually i spent the entire day
emailing coworkers and friends or daydreaming about what a
real job would be like. i have no one to blame but myself so
ill shut up.

tomorrow is friday...yippy. i think i kinda have to go out
to eat with justin and this guy sam. i dont wanna go cause i
already feel like a third i could name 5000
other things i'd rather be doing (yup sex is one of them
whooo hoo perv). i might head up to clematis with my friend
karen and check out the ongoings at the 500 block. who
knows. anyone got any good suggestions? heh i know ill get
responses for the sex thing you guys are all alike hehe. being broke feels
like there is a nuse around my neck.

the pups are doing fine i can hear spike snacking away on
his bone and its kinda gross...brodie as usual is just
sitting by the window barking.

tonight's the finale of friends...that show jumped the shark
when they hooked chandler and monica up...dumb move. i'm so
retarded talking about tv shows...dork.

ok so ill try to update this thing everyday and tell you
guys the most intimate details of my me there
are none...but if i get some ill let you know...k? ill also
be posting more of my randomness under the random section of
my site.

give me feedback on this stuff!!!