humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-03-26 05:24:05 (UTC)

preps gone bad

yeah so so far my most memorable moment of spring reak...
(and few memorable since i havent been able to remember
much ;)) was kevin... ahh yes kevin the prep who i thought
never did anything...well well well... he went to santiagos
and he smoked and then he drank....boy did he drink i had 2
shirts on right and he pulles one of them down and starts
blowing on my boob to get my nipple hard and then he has
to pee right so he stops in the parking lot and pees and is
walking backwards peeing and then he sayid something to me
about how he was gonna make a move on me cuz hes horny when
hes drunk ahhh good and i had to pick jessie up
out of the bathtub and i smoked with brian pala... lol how
weird right!and dude just matt gregory thinx i like hate
him or something becuz fipped out on him but he totally
deserved and steph made up finally andi dunno f i
added that i made out wtih stevo and my dad said no to the
west virginia thing and i hate him for it more then
anything else in the worldand he keeps acting liek it isnt
a big deal...hes always saying he wants whats best for
me...that i whats best for me not staying here ...god look
at the path im on .... i'm not gona remember spring break
byt the end of it and due i made out with anthny again and
i had my shirt half way off and my bra undone and do i ever
get to go any further then that...NO apparently not thats
bullshit cuz he is so hot too.. man, lifes so unfair and i
totally feel like i am runing out of time too cuz i wanted
to totally get with anthony and i mean even tho tomorrow is
only tuesday i feel like everything is going so fast i mean
that very well may be becuz i dont remember everything only
like bits and peices and yeah just forget it...its so weird
tho that i fell like that but i think that prt of it is
becuz i thin everyay is going to go the same like he doesnt
have my number he isnt gonna calland ur never gonna
succeed! damn i'm crazy i'm also coming down like a mofo
tho so good night...... julz

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