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2002-03-26 03:49:05 (UTC)

Saying "Goodbye"

OK, so this is my first time doing an online diary and I
must admit that it is better than writing down my
thoughts.....so what if the world comes to an end, then
there will be no one to read my online diary because
computers won't work, so either way it goes I won't
win....lol Anyhow, I really sad because my best friend just
left for the PI and now I have no roomate! It is rather
lonely and eventhough I have my boyfriend over ever so
often, it still isn't the same because they don't argue and
I can't get all affectionate and have her saying that I
don't want to see all that. I'm here now in the computer
lab typing this and my beloved friend is on here way to the
airport. (sob*) But life goes on and I know that she will
be back soon. Anyhooo, this is a big step for me writing
in an online diary and I know that the adventure is just
the beginning.........

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