sheesh ya fuck
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2002-03-26 03:44:24 (UTC)

i let down this isnt my last..

i let down this isnt my last time last song i sing to
bring you home scream it loud enough maybe you will hear
me blocks down so far i cant drink my voice hurts hear him
cry doors down doors away i hear the anger arise the
violence in the sex the fists the smell of the sickness
rancid and rank i fall asleep to the curtains blowing me
shooeing me away from this im drifting toward feather
tight deaths burning photographs and im on the rail
shaking in the sparks left behind witches go by with
screams of laughter doesnt know better what are you doing
child under this hiding beneath broken promises its
midnight and i flail at the moon screaming crazy not
tommorow i wont slide by i realize this blood is cold