Catie*s Diary
2002-03-26 03:31:17 (UTC)

Monday March 25 2002

Ok, today sucked ass! I was tired cause me and JR
were on the phone kinda late. But Jen didnt wanna get
up today for school but she finally did. I got called down
to the office for having 10 tardies in a class and i got 2
days of iss. It's stupid. I left 8th per. and went to Nyka's
with Jen and Nichole. They smoked while we all waited
for school to get out. Then Tom, Blake, Arin and Anthony
came over. Andrew and Brian came over too but that
was for Sky. Anyways, This guy Josh also came over
cause Nyka's trying to hook us up, but i dont really like
him. But she made me get all ready and shit and he
just like sat there he barely said anything to me! So
when he left i was like i got ready for nothing!!! and the
Tom said you got ready for me and you look beautiful. I
was like aww thanx! Then Jen had to go to work so she
dropped me off at my house cause i had a date with JR
around 6:00. Well i got in fight with Beth and told her
about me and JR liking each other. It was bad. I acted
like a bitch and i hate myself for it! (Beth, i love you!!)
then we made up and stuff. Now i'm just sitting here
waiting for JR to get back home from seeing his
grandma so we can have our 5th date :) then after that
Jen is picking me up and i'm staying the night at her
house tonight and tomorrow night! Bye

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