Meshed Up
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2002-03-26 01:51:28 (UTC)

meatpies and splinters

rainy autumn day. just came back from my literature exam. 3
hour exam where i just bullshitted my way through. talked
to a friend last night. gave a glimpse of one of my dark
sides although it wasn't very dark. just the little bitch
in me.

got my application forms for monash uni and rmit. i don't
know where the melbourne uni application form is jeez.
maybe the college will do that for me. anyway i'm too lazy
to fill them up right now. besides i still have to shift
myself to study mode and study for another exam tomorrow
where the teacher is an asshole.

ahh meatpie for lunch...i swear meatpies are one of the
most brilliant things that australians invented. i love

rainy rainy day...walking along the streets and drowning
myself in rain drops felt pretty refreshing. now i'm home..
back in the warmth and eating meatpie. mmmmm....

anyhow i really should stop myself from trying to please
everybody. i can't please everybody after all. some people
will hate me some people will love me. i wish i could break
myself into tiny pieces...tiny splinters of glass where i
can see myself in different and distorted angles. i might
be able to see the beauty in me from splinters. i don't
know who i am. all i know is that i'm me. camicazy.

i'm not exactly pissed off...just feeling neutral and
resigned. nelson told me to love myself because i will be a
better person if i do. will i?... i think i'll just become
an egotistic freak of nature. being a freak is bad enough.
being egotistic is worse.

by the way, melbournians should know that 7-11 hot dogs are
made up of 20% sawdust. that's why they taste so good.

drink anybody? i feel like going out and getting one. but
as of this moment, my mum's here and so are my li'l bro and
my older sis. my mum and sis will freak. we're 'christians'
you see. anyway my li'l bro will get mad at me if he sees
me drinking. there was this one time that he refused to eat
dinner when he saw dad drinking beer. he's only 7 years old
by the way.

so i shall end here and finish my glorious meatpie. then i
shall go feed my brain with info that the asshole teacher
didn't even bother to teach us.

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