Product of a Broken Home
2002-03-26 01:49:38 (UTC)

no avoiding gravity

let me just start by saying. i'm a horrible horrible

lets see, i bought myself a collar today, and i guess that
started it. i lie, it started afew days ago, but i'm not
going back that far. lets just deal with today.

ok, so i bought the collar. at sanctuary, with aaron and
xan as fashion advisers. that itself kinda scares me.
anyway, it went fairly well, i got a plain black one with a
chrome ring on the front for a leash and a chrome buckle to
do it up. real black leather too. i'm pleased with it.

so that was ok, and then we went on a hunt for a leash to
match it. and i guess things started on the bus.

aaron started being a dom, which was a bit out of place,
since he's usually a sub, and i'm usually the dom, but it
got switched. and xan was bothered by it, and we tried to
include him, and he played a bit, but wasn't too into it.

and so through the three of us slowly deteriorated into
being either depressed, very "entertained", or a bit of

and after getting a leash, and having aaron lead me around
various places {people stared, cars stopped, someone
actually called us freaks, had a very nice conversation
with a few people on the train/bus though} we got on the
train and ended up at aarons house.

and the three of us sitting in aaron's bedroom, it all got
worse. everything from before just heightened, and me and
aaron played our little sub-dom games, and it all just went
too far.

and i'm a horrible person, and thats as much as i can say
here. i suppose if you all really wanted to know you could
ask me, but i doubt i'll answer, and i doubt you'd really
want to hear it. despite what you say, i dn't think you


"i was never faithful
and i was never one to trust
borderline and skitzo
guaranteed to cause a fuss
i was never loyal
except to my own plesure zone
i'm forever black-eyed
product of a broken home
i was never faithful
and i was never one to trust
borderline bi-polar
forever biting on your nuts
i was never grateful
thats why i spend my days alone
i'm forever black-eyed
product of a broken home"