2002-03-26 01:32:53 (UTC)

Friend Resume: Name: Monica Mae..

Friend Resume:

Name: Monica Mae

B-day: May 5

Physical features: Long black hair with odd bangs, glasses,
abnormally large nose, retainer, vurry dried lips and in
need of chapstick.

Tell Me About Yourself: I want to learn latin and become an
actress or writer or and artist. Mood swings, horrible
temper, horrible jokes, can immitate voices and etc. to
make up for the horrible joke, always bites lips when bored
(i used to suck my bottom lips, but it annoys me now..),
love to draw and write, watch tv (friends, simpsons, who's
line... etc..), listen to music (alternative-rock, pop,
rap, r/b, dance, techno.. etc.. ooh, and the old stuff my
dad listens to (except for the 80's ones)), and I'm both a
optimist and pessimist (sp?) And you can see that I'm
unsure of my spelling.

Why I'll be a Wonderful Friend: Because I'm someone you can
talk to (even though I have no idea what to talk about).
You can talk to me about jokes (I'll laugh, even if it's
not funny.. either that or I'll shrug and give you a
bewildered look), and whenever you have a secret or
something bad happened in your life, I'm the person to
discuss it with. I wont tell your secrets (unless I
secretly hate you. But if I hate you, I'll say it to your
face, cuz I'm not afraid) and I won't laugh at your
problems. I can be such a seriously moody person with you!
^_^ *

Am I your friend now?


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