Jena's Rants
2001-05-17 19:42:17 (UTC)

I don't normally do this, but.....................

I am sitting here at work, completely drained wanting
nothing more than to get the fuck out of here. LSDBanker
has been quite humorous today, I think he enjoys using
childish words like nopey and other strange shit like
that. I think that if he were left to his own strange
desires and some bitch that was crazy enough to comply he
would most likely want her to play mommy and spank him or
some shit like that. Just teasing, b/c i know he will read
this shit and call me up at Corporate Hell and give me what
for...... What the fuck does that mean, "give what
for"???? If someone knows the origin of that bullshit
please email me with the info, it would be most
appreciated. Also, if you send me the info and it is
written in an interesting format you could win a free Neon
Pink Mini Boss (dildo). Hell I am bored, I would love to
pretend to be doing something all day when I am here,
entries for this contest would qualify as a work of sorts,
right? Just nod your head and wipe the drool from you
chin. Anyway I am going to look at porn or something.
This shit is too much analyzing my own conscience, and
uh,.......that is just too fucking weird. Who wants to
think about whether or not their thoughts are too fucked up
to allow that person to exist in society ( i mean without
one of those bracelets that tells the police when you leave
your house or a straight jacket).