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2001-05-17 19:41:42 (UTC)

Spain... My version

Okay now I must indulge your questions in your mind
about Spain and all and even if you have absolutely no
questions well that is okay and everything but you know
what? Crap on you head! So here goes, we (my father, Erin,
Susan, and myself) left on the 16th of March, which was a
Saturday. We left from the Chattanooga airport to travel to
Charlotte, North Virginia and then on to Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania and then on to Madrid, Spain. In all it took
us about 12 hours and I always hate the part of flying when
you are going down to land and the actual landing part
because it makes me really sick. God I’m such a wuss!! The
first day we found our hostel (and yes that is spelled
right!) after a wonderful taxi ride through Madrid and when
I looked at the speedometer on the guy’s car it read 145 Km
except that I didn’t know that it was in Km and the time
and so I really scared the crap outta myself and all but as
it turns out we were really going like only 60 or something
like that. The one thing that I really really hated about
Spain was that a lot of the people and I mean a lot of
people SMOKE. It is SO freakin’ nasty because there is like
a cloud of cigarette smoke hanging over everything. It was
really nasty ad it would make your eyes burn if the wind
blew toward you. But anyway you probably don’t really care
about the smoke. Our Hostel was a really nice one even
though it was a bit old and so it had this weird smell like
rotting cabbages but if you opened the doors that lead out
onto the terrace the smell went away after awhile and so
everything was okay. The bathrooms and the beds were really
nice to but once again you probably don’t care that much.
While in Madrid we went to all of the museums and art
buildings that tourists are supposed to go to and all but
then we also experienced the “local life” if you wish to
call it that. We ate the foods that they would eat and we
went to the places that they would go to and all that other
stuff. It was really interesting at some places because
the “natives” looked at us with a kind of resentment as
though we were intruding on there turf but then it was okay
and all. And of course since America is starting to intrude
into other places and set up their enterprises. There was a
McDonalds there and you know how they have the McChicken
Sandwich well they had to change the English into Spanish
and so the new name for it was McPollo (Pollo is the word
for chicken in Spanish) my father and Erin got a huge kick
out of it but I just kinda thought that it was a different
language and so they had different words. I think that I
have been jaded (that means that you have seen everything
and nothing can excite you and so you have no emotions) and
I really don’t like to actually acknowledge that fact.
One day we took a day trip to Toledo and went to the
Cathedral there. Well, there was a group from school that
went to Spain together and it just so happened that they
were there at the same time. We were just walking around
looking at the places that were richly decorated where
people could pray to saints. It was quite amazing! It was
so beautiful and it must have taken forever to build and it
must have cost a fortune! Well, it was quiet because you
know it was a church and everything and then I
hear, “KJERSTI!!” and it was from Emi screaming my name
across the church and then running toward me to give me a
hug and say that she was SO glad to see me. My father was
angry because he really didn’t want to have to deal with
screaming teenage girls right at that time because he was
tired. We then wandered around the city looking at the
houses and then we went to this restaurant where our waiter
was really hot. After he took our drink orders he walked
out of the room I started to wave my hand in front of my
face as though I needed to cool off because he was so hot.
But then right at that moment he walked right back in and
saw me doing it. It was so embarrassing! Erin and Susan
have not let me live it down and I suppose that they shall
never let me forget. But I shall get over it and life will
so on. After lunch we went to go look around Toledo and to
see what it looked like. At first we got lost but then Erin
got us un-lost because she looked at the map in the Rick
Stevens Travel Book and she found this place where this old
man that had lost a couple fingers in the process of making
real swords. He was banging out the swords and we got to
watch him make them. I also found the coolest sword that
seemed like it was made just for me. The handle colors were
perfect and it was my size and it was plain and simple but
it looked as though it could do its job quite well. At the
end of the day around 6:00 PM we walked back to the train
station and caught a train back to Madrid.
Then next day in Madrid were spent sleeping because Susan
never wanted to do anything and when she never wants to do
anything she is a real bitch and it just pisses everyone
off. Erin and I also watched TV and talked about sneaking
out late at night and going bar hopping but then we decided
that since they lock the doors that we would have to ring
and then the guy at the front desk might say something the
next morning to out dad about us going out last night and
so we stayed in out room being paranoid about leaving. We
found out that if you watch TV really really late the porn
shows come on and they can be very interesting. You know
women just randomly ripping their shirts and bras off and
quite a few other things. Of course we didn’t watch TV long
after that.
Since we were done doing the stuff in Madrid we took a
train to Seville so that we could go to the Cathedral and
the all the other stuff that I forgot that we did. On the
way to Seville we stopped in Córdoba and went to the Former
Mosque of Córdoba there and to the big, huge, and
wonderfully beautiful gardens there. They were quite
magnificent and it was SO amazing because they still had
the original irrigation canals that they had way back when
and though the gardeners now don’t use them that often
because the are clogged up with dead leaves and flowers
from the trees. After the Mosque of Córdoba we went to eat
since we had some time to kill since the train didn’t leave
for a couple more hours. Needless to say there were no hot
waiters or anything eventful happened. Finally we got to
Seville and found our hostel with the birds and the very
cheaply furnished rooms. Erin and I had to share a room and
we thought that dad had reserved a double bedded one, not
quite we got a single bed one that if you laid down on it,
it sounded like it was going to fall apart and one side, of
course it was my side, smelled like someone’s really bad
B.O. After one night of that I decided to sleep in dad and
Susan’s room because they had found an extra twin mattress
under dad’s bed. We only spent two days in Toledo but they
were really packed days and I have never done so many
things in just twp days. At the end of the second day we
left for Madrid by train so that we could spend the night
in Madrid. You see we didn’t want to stay the night in
Toledo because that would mean that we would have to get up
really early the next day and then ride on a train for a
couple of hours and then fly in a plane for over 9 hours.
Our flights back, we went back the same way that we came,
were uneventful except that the kid behind Erin and I kept
banging on the backs of our seats and driving us insane.
And the airplane food was not absolutely disgusting like it
has been in the past. As soon as we landed in the
Philadelphia airport my sisters and I found a burger place
and got these humongous burgers with fries. Well, that is
basically my trip to Spain in a nutshell. Next time you
shall hear about my friends: Milan the Whiner, Dailey the
Babbler, Emma the Drama Queen, Pepper and Laurie the
Freaks, Karen the Future Suicidal (and a voice in my head says: well
anyhoo i don't feel like doing that anymore and i end up writing
about something totally different and you will piece it all together
anyway) and i end my tastes in music (the voice says again: you like
rock music, you idiot!), anda bunch of other stuff or maybe not. As a
girl in my Spanish class who pretends to smoke joints during class
said… Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.