pink's palace
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2001-05-17 18:42:39 (UTC)


howdy. today i woke up at 9 in the a.m. and my friend linda
came over and we talked for about 2 hours about comanche
and memories past. one of my friends, my closest guy friend
at comanche was cooper, i miss him so much. i use to sit
and bullshit with coop about how he had no penis, cus it's
coop he's not allowed to have a penis, he's a ken dall!
he graduates saturday. that should be my day of joy also
but as we all know i got kicked out of school when i moved
back to chickasha and everything went down hill, i have my
GED though so im still going to college. :0)
today i found my little brother little miniture dinosaur.
he loves godzilla and therefore every dino saur is
godzilla. he's only three. i got to see him yesterday, and
my little sierra, she is two. it made my day. i haven't
seen them in five months, ever since i moved out. and
saturday i will get to see all my friends that get to
yesterday my friend courts and i ended up planning a rave,
so now im in charge of coming up with some dj's that will
spin for free for charity. friend
brillo sed he could get maybe valerie sparks! that would
kick ass! she is an awesome hhc dj. i would die if
cloudskipper was there, but that's not gonna happen, he's
too busy in cali. anyhoo- im outtie 5000.