My Teenage Life
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2001-05-17 18:23:28 (UTC)


Wowowow!!!!! This has just been the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!
All cos of one simple little thing!!
I was in school just b4 I went home finishing getting my
shirt signed, and I walked into the gym and saw Ashley
standing there so I started shoutin 2 me mates “Im gonna
ask every1 even if I dunno them” so then as he was about to
walk out I went “dya wanna sign me shirt?” so he
on my shoulder and signed his name on my shoulder and
wow!!!!! I’m surprised I never passed out or somehing! I
know it’s sad getting so cheddared about something like
that but I fancy him soooooo much! God I love him!!! I
can’t believe it! Thank god I had the guts to ask him! I
was worried hed go “nah” and walk out! I Was like
woooooooooooo!!!!!! And still am!!!!
God the only thing which could beat this as best day ever
would be
him suddenly announcing his love for me (pfft like that’d
ever happen!)
Dave Grohl announcing his love for me

They’re the only two things which could top it…man I’m sad!

Mega L at camera batteries tho L Heather tried twice to get
a pic of ashley, she managed to “get”it without him noticin
but she realised it hadn’t taken - and said her cam’d
broke. Wen foned her b4 she said the battery had gone.

So anyway, yup - I’ve left school. Little miss “im gonna be
crying loads” just started crying once a tiny little bit,
and that was about ½an hour b4 we left, when my friend Heva
hugged me and I was thinking I’m probably never gonna see
her again cos she’s going to college and not 6th form L I
was only cryin for a min tho (and not proper either, not
running down me cheeks like!) and then Ashley signed my
shirt 15 mins later so there was no chance of me being
upset after that!

This morning we went to the town hall to get our records of
achievement, he gave out half then gave out “special
achievment awards” and then the other records of
The awards were funny, there were things like “the benson
and hedges award for health awareness” which went to two of
the lads and one of the girls who smoke behind the games
shed in between every lesson lol
And an award went to Rachel Bear and Mick Cromblehome for
the Romeo and Juliet of year 11 award or something cos they
are always kissing the middle of the corridors more than
anyone else.
There was also 4 awards for “male pin up” lol which went to
matthew wilson who I don’t think is nice at all but every1
fancies, Tim Jones who I don’t fancy and I only know of one
person who does, Mick Cromblehome who I don’t like either!
And louis who is quite nice actually - compared to the
other lads in our year anyway.
The funniest had to be the “misunderstood sunbed king”
award which went to this lad Jamie, who went on the sunbeds
and didn’t realise u were meant to take ur clothes off!!!!
Lol! How dumb! Imagine goin on a sunbed with a trackie on!

When we left the town hall, I looked at the nat west bank
in the road opposite and thought “neil’s in there now” cos
he works there and it was mad being so close to him! If I
werent going out with him on Saturday, I’d have gone in to
see him. That;d have been funny anyway cos he wudnt have
been expecting it!

So then we went back to school for the buffet thing, well
we went in and I got me shirt signed for about half an
hour, then every1 started eatin the food so I had a ham
buttie and drink and then went out to see all me mates in
other years.
When signing me shirt Chris Burke wrote “Sander Westerveld
is a dodgy keeper, chris B” I knew it’d be sumthing like
that not “good luck nikki, c u in 6th form”
Andy made a comment about Westerveld too but at least he
said good luck to me too lol

I didn’t bring in a camera but I told lou and heath that
I’d get copies of any pics I wanted of theirs. Loadsa pics
were taken of me with paul so I might scan one and put it
on amihotornot or amithebomb.com lol but cut me off. It’ll
be hard cos we’ve got our arm round each other but oh well,
it can be a pic of him with a big arm around him on there
God he’d kill me if I put his pic on there but he always
jokes he’d do it to mine!or even mingers.com!
pfft, as if id be worthy for mingers.com lol only jokin

When I went out, it was the start of the whole school’s
dinner so I decided to stay til the end of their dinner.
Iwas frantic at 1st cos I cudnt find me lil 1st yr mate
stuart! But then when me mate in year 10 was signing my
shirt I saw him and just bellowed “STUART!” lol and he ran
over to me. He signed me shirt and told lou she was takin a
pic of me and him so she did and then he signed me little
book thing I was getting people to sign, it was so cute -
he wrote “To Nikki, Miss u lots and lots and lots even
though ur coming back to sixth form. Love you lots and
lots and lots and lots and lots and lots
More love, stuart”
It was soo cute J he’s quite mature for his age too though
lol well he is with me anyway.
Then he stayed with me all of dinner, and kept huggin me
and holdin me arm. He then wrote on my shirt “I love you as
a mate” J and then when the bell went for the end of
dinner, iwas talking to my sisters friend and she went “aww
look at stuart over there he looks so upset” aww and he did
and he kept hugin me and hten he gave me his fone number
and gave me a little flower! Then wen he hugged me he
went “luv u” awwwww!!!!! That was sooooo sweet!
It is a bit sad tho wen the only person who loves u is a
1st yr tho J
Nah all me mates love me!!! Lol

Natalie made me write in her book again claiming I didn’t
tell her I loved her properly in the message I wrote
yesterday. So I went “I love you. You’re my best friend. I
love you loads and will do forever and ever love onjuxxx”
lol it was funny.

Lou asked me 2 stay at hers 2nite but dunno whether to.
Foned heath and asked if shewas gonna go cos I decided to
go if she went but not go if she didn’t. she said she’d
go and then near the end of the convo I went “so ur deffo
comin 2nite?” and she went “TONIGHT? I thought u meant
2mora” and then sed she was too tired 2 come 2nite. So I
might tell lou ill sleep 2mora instead cos then heath can
go and then I can get over the nerves of meetin neil the
next day with me mates and not on me own!! I thought I
wudnt be nervous about meeting neil at all but I am really
nervous! Well I will be anyway, I know I will now.

God, I just looked round my room and man does it need
tidying more than ever!! My other bed is just full of stuff
u cant even see the sheet on it!and my couch is just full
of junk too! Also, I have some DODGY posters up! I decided
to not just take down al me old posters, but replace them
with new ones wen I got a new one so I do have some good
posters up now like papa roach, kelly jones (actually some
of the kelly jones ones’ve been there for ages) offspring,
blink 182 etc but there’s still sum dodgy boy band liking
days ones like loads of Five, 2 of N SYNC and quite a few
westlife :-s
There#s a few BSBs too but I don’t mind them. The only
reason I had westlife posters up in the 1st place was cos I
faniced kian and fancied/fancy shane.
Oh well they’ll be going soon and replaced with the likes
of feeder, ash, wwf, LFC and blink 182. I have no green day
or foo fighters postersL which really really sux ass big

Was thiking about famous women and came up with…

Famous woman most like to meet: Chyna from WWF
Famous woman most like to look like: Lita from WWF (well at
the mo)
Famous woman most like to kill: Courtney Love

While I’m on the subject, I may as well do men….

Famous man most like to meet: Dave Grohl
Famous man most like to go out with: Dave Grohl
Famous man most like to kill: Mick Hucknall (die mick die)
Nah, although Mick Hucknall is the biggest wanker ever, I
don’t hate him anywhere near as much as I hate courtney
love.There’s no Anti-Mick Hucknall page on my website like
there is courtney love

*Yaaawwwwn* Im knackered

OOOO I cant believe I forgot to mention this til now! I Was
gonna write it b4 and must have got it into my head that I
did write about it…
2 words…

Woooooo! That match was one of the best, if not THE best,
matches I’ve ever seen in my life, it was brilliant!

Like in the FA cup, secretly wished it’d go to pens at
first, cos altho I hate them and they scare me, they are
entertaining. Then when they equalised for 4-4 I thought
ohh [email protected] me wishin for pens.
I hate golden goal and felt sick all the way thru it and I
knew I cudnt handle pens, I’d have thrown up.

Can’t wait for the treble homecoming parade on Sunday,
should be cool.

Hmm I can see a book under an exercise book on my bedroom
floor in the corner..it looks suspiciously like Roll Of
Thunder Hear My Cry. I hope not cos the other week I took a
copy home to read again b4 me exam and I don’t want to be
taking 2 copies back in..I think if the one on the floor is
it, I might have pinched it for a few weeks back in yr 10
wen the class finished reading it.
Right, im gonna have to check now - the suspense is killing
me lol

Damn, it is! That’s 2 roll of thunder books and a macbeth I
have to take back now. I havent even read roll of thunder
again yet I better had seeing as english is one of the
first GCSEs.

God im being more boring than ever which is a sign of
having to shut up
So I will.
[email protected] signing shirt and having hand on
[email protected] bein UEFA Cup and now cup
treble champions
[email protected] left school now and
[email protected] Neil on Saturday - in 2 days!

Bye Bye


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