Dark past-TIME
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2002-03-25 23:03:43 (UTC)

marryed days...

Now that larry and i are marryed things have gottin alot
better when were making love its more for us him and i and
its always better and better each time all the time he is
eating me out more and kissing me more and we are talking
about it alot i am getting better about being able to talk
to him and tell him what i want altho i am still shy when
it comes to that kind of stuff its getting better..
sex is better on my side and on his side of things :-)
we were getting ready to make love the other day and he
went down to eat me out well when he was down there he was
alll!!! in to me all over my pussy i just kept cumming and
cumming over and over and he was taking it all inside him
saying Umm... and when he was done he looked at me before
he kissed me and said "damn" also he is telling me things
are good each and everytime..