Comfortably Numb

It's Just Me...
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2002-03-25 22:57:01 (UTC)


Since this is my first entry, I'll be like everyone else
I know (which if you know me, is the thing I hate the most)
and say "a little something about myself". I'm only 15 and
my life is going slowly but surely to hell, but I'll get
into that later. The reason I started this journal was so
that I don't to tell other ppl(besides the ones who want to
read this) about everything that bothers/pleases me from
day to day, as well as in the past. I listen to old school
punk, WP, and assorted old ass music. I read books...big
surprise for some ppl. Teacher's are all happy about it
and shit, but they never look at the back covers. Ever read
anything by Irvine Welsh? He's my favorite. All if his
books are about drugs, which are a big part of my life.
Actually, after I think a moment, I realize that my life
basically revolves around them. It's sad to think about, so
I don't that often. But I guess I will here, maybe I'll be
able to quit everything successfully. Oh yeah, that's one
of my "short term goals". I want to at least quit smoking
pot within the next week. It sounds simpler than it
sounds...whenever I fuckin try to stop, someone always has
some and wants to smoke. Oh well. As you'll see I complain
a lot. Anyway, there's been a lot of drug testing going on
in school, and I do plan to have a career, but if I get
caught doing drugs, that my future shot to fuck. Basically
I have to quit shit that'll take more than a few days to
get out of my system. Of course the drug I won't quit is D,
and by the time I bother to do that, I'm gonna be in a lot
of pain when that time comes around. I did find a good
quote that pertains to me...8:27 (though usually around 6
or so for me) Breakfast of Champions---coffee and a
cigarette. Oh, that's one of my "long term goals"--to be
dead at the most 65. Always good, right? Well, I've already
written more than I'd intended, so I'll leave you with my
truth (note that this does not pertain to everyone) OPIUM