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2002-03-25 22:46:02 (UTC)


I'm EXTREMELY pissed! My friend Nyka got the shit beat out
of her for no damn reason! Some fat fucking BITCHES got mad
at her for having pot that they couldn't have.It wasn't
Nyka's to give so she wasn't gonna give it to them. The
BITCHES then said they were just gonna go talk shit to her
but then they went to the room where nyka was on the phone
asn proceeded to beat the hell out of her. They started to
kick her and hit her onto the ground where she started to
scream. (now keep in mind these girls are HUGE,together
they must weigh damn near 700 pounds or something) and nyka
is defenseless. Jen didn't think that they would actually
hurt her she thought they were just gonna talk shit and
that's it. But she obviously HEARD IT differently. And i
called over to my friends where nyka might be and i talked
to jen and she told me that if i was there i would have
kicked their asses. and andrew said "if i were casey's
small ass i'd be scared of them" and jen said that no when
i get mad i will fling things and be very violent (i never
noticed before i just get angry) and so if i was there i
would gotten the knives out of the kitchen or something and
threaten them until the got off of her. I don't care what
the damn reason was for beating her up,nyka could've stolen
THEIR pot for all i care. Those BITCHES don't need to be
touching any of my friends.I've always hated one of them
(she wanted to kill me over a GUY before,like i said she's
a dumbass) and so within seconds of hearing about beth said
she would get some people on their ass. I'm happy about
that.They won't even see it coming and it will be coming
more then once! I hate them so much! I'm not a very violent
person i just get very mad sometimes and have energy with
which i need to expend.LOL. Later-KK

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