College Days
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2001-05-17 17:33:33 (UTC)

My decision....

Well I am deciding to go with the surgical type of
abortion. I really wanted the medical non surgical pills
but I cant afford it. The quoted me from 475-600 dollars
and there is no way I can afford it. Oh man I am so
scared. I dont want a vacuum in me! They say its safe but
it is a fucking vacuum inside of me. And then the
aftermath! Ugh! I am so scared. I am suppose to go in after
the 25th. Oh man this is nerve racking. i hope everything
is going to go right. I can promise the heavens after this
that I am not going to be in this predicament until I am
about 26 and ready to be a mother, if God blesses me
again. I truly have to pray for this. Other than that
everything is ok. Noone knows except my man and my best
friend "T". I love him to death AND HE IS ALWAYS on my
side. I am glad I have this thinkg to talk to :) Thank
you for the feedback. I read all of them and they halp me
get through this difficult time.