low place like home
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2001-05-17 17:29:35 (UTC)

special k

i had the weirdest dream. i was at school, and wearing my
slutty trousers so i was really self-conscious. the year
11's were there, and they'd just done an exam, as had the
6th formers. since no-one was at school, i went to look for
everyone. then i saw murphy's (in glyfada for some reason)
and went inside. there was a huge cafe, and i saw alexia
sitting at a table, wearing michael's sweater (his grey one
with yellow stripes). i felt she was trying to spite me in
some way, and hated her for it.

then i went upstairs and saw michael, with cles and panos
and some other guys, all laughing and talking. i felt
totally left out, so i left and found a bus. i sat down,
and started listening to placebo on my discman (special k).
then i noticed vivianne and natalie sitting behind me. they
noticed me, and smiled kinda knowingly, but in a friendly
way. then i started crying, and rode all the way home on
the bus, crying and listening to special k.

god i love him.

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