SuGaR RuSh
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2002-03-25 20:48:36 (UTC)


i hate everything i just wish everything it was back like
it was be4 AHHHH!
i kant write n e more...bye

ok im back..2day was ok...hmm...oh ya...on the bus greg and justin
walk on and justin always goes "JULIEEEEE" like it sounds really
stupid and then justin goes "that gurl sittin rite thar ( and i was
the only gurl on the bus) wearing a thong...and im thinkin "holy
shit! omg he saw it in world cultures" and greg...btw i think hes
hott as fawk so this is like ! 4 me lol...n e ways...greg was
like "oh really" and i turn around and shook my head and then justin
was like it has stars on it...and i was thinkin.."holy shit how much
did he c of it!?" and greg was like "oh lemmy c" and i was
thinkin "omgomgomgomg" cuz i think hes hott n all...then missy gets
on the bus and i told her what happened and she knows thats i think
hes hott...and greg likes missy so that was kinda funky
lol...lordy...2 per was very funny my friend "big b"'s mom set her up
on a date and she was talkin 2 the kid and he siad hes gunna bring a
friend so big b is 2...and so she asked me 2 go...of course im gunna
go i aint gunna miss this 4 the world cuz the 2 kids go 2 an all boys
school so they aint really around gurls alot and its gunna b veryyyy
funny and i cant leave her by herself but c..i have a bf...and im
gunna tell the kid that i do...but i dunno how mikes gunna take
it...i DEF aint gunna like cheat on just goin 2 b moral
support 4 B..hmm..i gotta hm hm...oh ya andy has like
the best game of the season last nite it was great and him beech and
toby r gunna b signin auto's 2 nite from 7-9 and my stupid fuckin
gay ass parents wont take meeee AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM
MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe im