lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-03-25 19:19:53 (UTC)

"wanna go to the beach?"

hmmm...well yesterday was pretty darn cool. mal & i sang
for worship, our little SMT crew did a lame skit, and the
sermon was good & i actually followed it. maybe cuz i sat
in a pew w/ only jake davis & jeff boyer. ahh those boys.

then we went to topper's, and kristen a. was in town so
that was really cool. jon, too, and this guy named matt
but i don't know who the heck he is so yeah. good stuff.
we ate lunch at a big fat table and had like 20 people
squeezed around...and the loos boys stole pizza from
marisa, so she was a hungry friend. anyway, lunch was
really rad & we were throwing stuff all over until meghan
hit innocent people, and they didn't like that very much.
then jonny boy announced that jeff & matt & he were going
to the beach and that anyone who wanted to come was

so marisa took brian & me home and we changed & went back
to marisa's. we waited around for half an hour, but jon
didn't call. marisa called jon & he has a new phone or
something so then we thought, "heck, we'll just
go!" but it was way windy. so, instead, joe drove over
marisa's midge doll with his bronco.

the rest of the day was spent buying barbies & g.i. joes @
target and smashing them to bits. we dropped them from
walls & my roof, drowned them in the pool, drove over them
in the truck, and burned every part of them possible at the
end of the night. it ended up being almost 10 before my
dad kicked marisa & joe out...haha we're sooo weird. but
our video is really good & you've gotta see it.

we didn't go to the beach.

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