Roguish Nymph

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2001-05-17 16:38:28 (UTC)

Short intro

Well, this is the first diary I've ever started and I'm
already 18. I guess better late than never would apply
here. I guess I'll start with introducing my self. My name
is Natasha, I'm a high school senior (soon to be college
freshman), and I come from a large but spread out family.
Actually, half of the family doesn't even speak to each

I work at a veterinary clinic near my home and have been
their for almost 2 years now. It's a great place and I
really enjoy working there. It's what I want to do with my
life. They've been training me for technician for around 8
months now and I 've learned a lot of stuff. I just wish it
were busier sometimes. I love the rush of an emergency and
the quick thinking you have to do. I thinks that's why I'm
considereing emergency vet care once I become a vet.

I managed to get into my first choice college. Not far from
home because I help take care of my grandmother (I live
with her). I can't wait to start, but then I think everyone
feels like that at least once in their lifetimes.

Nothing earth shattering is happening in my life at the
moment either. I think it's funny to listen to some people
my own age and their descriptions of bad news. You'd think
their lives are over because their parents won't let them
go to a consert or their crushes dumped them. Life goes on.
I guess sooner or later they'll realize this some detail.

I've got a very scary kid living next door to me. I keep
thinking he's going to either grow up to be a serial killer
or he'll be the next one reaponsoble for another school
shooting. He's 14 and thinks its cool to rape women and
inflict pain on others. My cusin and I have tried to talk
to his parents about it but they say, "Well that's
Jonathan. We aren't too worried about it". Of course they
really don't listen to him either when he does talk. They
shoot at his feelings and ideas. It makes you wonder what's
going on inside his head.

Well, go to get back to class. Choa!

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