Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-03-25 19:14:21 (UTC)

Poem - "Shooting Star"

I see you passing by sometimes
With your brand new wooden crutch,
I try to invoke a familiar grin
But you never say that much.
You walk on bricks that know your past
And they can see right through,
Not they nor I have lately heard
Reason’s voice in you.
You stroll right through the alley maze
Overgrown with dreams and blues,
Like you never called this place your home,
Like you never paid your dues.
Your journey soon will reach the row
Of sweet magnolia trees,
Walking fast in futile fear
Of the eye that never sees.
You mount the steps and sigh to see
The colossal doors of oak,
There’s still a part of you that asks
If it’s all just one sick joke.
Soon the iron bell will take
Its melancholy toll
Upon the steeple’s nesting birds,
Upon your weary soul.
Ask yourself before you enter
For what purpose do you strive?
Folks come here to seek salvation
And don’t come out alive.
Ask yourself just why you have to
Lay awake at night,
Reciting prayers to empty air,
Convincing yourself it’s right.
I recall a time not long ago
When you were no one’s fool,
Now it’s like you’re jumping into
An empty swimming pool.
The smoldered ash that once burned free
Behind your brilliant eye
Betrays your false serenity
No matter how hard you try.
You’ve learned to trap your demons in,
You’ve learned to take a knee,
But never did you stop to think
These demons set you free.
The final choice is yours to make,
But to your mind be true,
Never trust a shooting star
If it wasn’t shot by you.