2002-03-25 18:50:41 (UTC)

Here in school....With Charlotte!

Hi diary people!
Im here in school writing in this thing. Im in the
school's library here with my good friend Charlotte! Heres
Charlotte you guys! She's going to type and speak to all of
you diary people! Here she is!......I want to say hi to all of
Jackie's friends. I'm Jackie's girlfreind and her lover but not
her bestfriend because Tabitha said so but I still spank that
ass every night. I don't like the idea that your taking Jackie
away from me. I want you to come this summer, let Jackie
be your sugar momma. Graduation is a long way to meet
you. So let Jackie pay your ticket for over here. When you
come, I'll have a male stripper,a fireman waiting for you, with
a big hose. I have a camera corder and you can use it to
make your own porn. lol We don't have a tom thumbs but we
have H-E-B. lol I got to go. Smooch on the ass!--Charlotte
crazy bitch Gomez. :) Ok that was Charlotte. I did not say
any of this, she is the one who did all the speaking and
telling. Once again, I did not say any of this, this came from
her own little mind! Right now at this moment, she is right
next to me, smiling huge by the way. Kat, you say that I
need help, you should meet Charlotte. lol Ok, now Charlotte
is smiling again. lol! Making kissy noises. Ignore her! Well
that was Charlotte for you everyone. She is truely silly but a
great friend. Me love her very much! Hope that she can talk
to all of you later on. Wait....I take that back. lol! Bye guys!
Charlotte, "Bye everyone, me and my sancha have to go to
the janitors closet." Ignore that once again!! Ok that was her
again. Bye guys!