Under the starless L.A. sky
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2002-03-25 18:27:13 (UTC)


I have this surgery I'm having tomorow, surgery on my left
knee, and I feel a bit of feer. Normaly I wpuldn't examin
this, look closly at my fealing that are associated with
this, becouse I'm cool with it. I'm tuff. But when they
went to take blood for the pre-op tests I got all giddy. I
felt the needle peirce the flesh, an fealing that I rember
as always being welcome. Theres this fealing that is
connected with it, mosty of the time, which is when the
point passes throu the skin and into a vein. Its
unmistakable, if you spent a long time looking forward to
it, dreaming about it, and then living it. And my body
reacted from the base of my balls, where all of my realy
deepseated fealing start. my body was preparing for the
ruch, for the shot that always followed that fealing
before. It didn't matter that it was a sixteen guage needle
which in comparason to the 25's that I used for years, was
like a steal girder. Nor did it matter that I knew that
they were taking not giving. And for a momewnt I wanted to
fix again.

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