Kristi's Thoughts
2002-03-25 18:16:19 (UTC)

Monday, March 25, 2002

Well, haven't written anything in quite a while... LOTS
of stuff to add, but for now, I'm just gonna mention one.
My FAVE! We have a new addition to our little family
here. A brand new budgie! Her name's Layla and she's
about 14 weeks old. She's such a cutie!

She wasn't feeling too well last week, so I took her to
the vet and they said she had an upper respiratory
infection, so she got a little shot... :(

Oh well, she's feeling better now. She has to go back for
two more shots in the next two weeks. She's now finger-
trained and she seems to enjoy sitting on my head and
shoulders! :) She also seems to enjoy hiding under my
hair and sitting on my pony-tail! She's so funny!

Welp, that's good enough for now. More later.