The lost little girl
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2002-03-25 18:02:44 (UTC)

who cares...

i don't know what i'm doing anymore. things just seem to be
spinning out of control in my little life of nothings. i
don't feel like i'm alone, but i know i am! this scares me
to death. it really does. oh good god. i have to shut up, i
don't even know what i'm saying. it is just going from my
thoughts to my hands and popping up on the screen .
ok...back to business.!
my new official hero is Brodie Bruce. if you don't know who
he is. he is a character that is in mallrats and jay and
silent bob stike back. he's played by Jason Lee. Lee is also
in Chasing Amy as Banky ( Banky also appears in Jay and
silent bob strike back) & in dogma as Azreal. Brodie, even
though he may not seem it at times, is the coolest fuckin'
person in the world. oh and i suppose you never admired
someone who was a character before. HA..HA...ha...um...yeah
i need to do some work cuz i wanna get out of the house
today. it's gonna rain the next couple of days and it's
beautiful out actually today. so i wanna see if i can get
out when it's nice rather than drive around in a car in the
pouring rain. that would deffinately suck a lot. so
yes...i'm gonna go and do all that..i guess i will talk to
you all tomorrow or the next time i'm online or something...
love you all- janie

daily quote:
"how is it that i go from the verge of hot floridian sex
with brandi to man of steel coidal debates with you in the
food court?"- TS
"cookie stand is not part of the food court." - Brodie
"of course it is" -TS
"the food court is downstairs, the cookie stand is upstairs,
its not like we're talkin quantum physics here'-brodie
"the cookie stand counts as an eatery, the eatery is part of
the food court."- TS
"bullshit. eaterys that operate within the designated square
downstairs qualify as food court. anything outside of said
designated square is considered an atonymous unit for
mid-mall snacking.now if you wanna wax intellectual about
the subject--holy shit..."- Brodie