Dirty Fractyl
2002-03-25 16:42:41 (UTC)

Dunk Champion of South Street Park

Yesterday 3 niggahs learned never to underestimate a white
boy in a dunk contest. Call me Brent Barry, call me Rex
Chapman...I don't give a fuck. I'm the best 6'3" dunker you
can buy for your buck...

You throw down a T-hawk
I'll match it like this
'Cept a 360, T-hawk it
And call you my bitch
A simple backdunk?
Is that all you got?
Shit, the park's about to get hot
Pull that shit down below my hips
Can't wait to feel your girlfriend's lips
Pull it back up over my head
Lose to a white boy?
Bet you'd rather be dead...

Damn, niggah, I don't even think I'm sweatin' yet...

Yeah, call me David, call me the white boy that defeated
Goliath, cuz you three niggahs all learned your lesson. Did
I mention one of them was 6'7"?