2001-05-17 15:50:00 (UTC)

6 days

there are 6 days left including today! wow! its almost
over. its sad to think i will never be in high school again
and i basically wasted my brain power on stupid acts. i
just let it go to waste and now i am going to community
college like every other joe blow. i mean its not like i
couldnt get in of course. i have the grades but i let the
opportunities pass me by. what an idiot. gosh. o well now i
am gonna be in loserville for a while. hopefully i have
learned my lesson. i feel i have but we will see when i get
there. =) i need some smiles. i miss my best friend. he is
gone right now. and it sucks because i don't even know
where he is. well ok i will ramble more after school. o yea
i am such a major dummy i didnt even go to first period
today. but its ok cuz we werent going to do anything
anyway. later.