Sleeping with the lights on
2002-03-25 15:13:53 (UTC)

Venting time!

Okay, this is going to be a fucking pain in the ass to write
about because I am not even sure how to take it. I'm so glad
that I had the chance to come online and fucking vent so I
don't flip the fuck out on Anna. I don't know what the fuck
her problem is. I am just about ready to haul off and
fucking flip. Just because Anna and I aren't allowed to hang
out it fucking ruined our relationship. Fucking 5 days ago
she was my best friend and now she's talking to me like I'm
just some kind of fucking junkie. I wrote her a letter and
asked her why things were becoming so weird. I didn't want
to hang out yesterday because first off I was in a fucking
bad ass mood and I didn't want to rub off. She thought that
it was because I thought that I wouldn't get fucked up. What
the fuck? Okay, so I like to get high but WHAT THE FUCK!?
Okay the second reason I didn't want to hang out is because
I am sick and fucking tired of Al fucking acting like my
goddamn dad. He thinks that he can control me and I fucking
hate that. Nobody but my PARENTS are allowed to tell me what
the fuck to do, and that's just how it is. And I don't even
really listen to them. Anna thinks that I am a fucking
crackhead or something..god fucking dammit son of a whore. I
don't know, I cannot talk about this right now.